Bish Mubarak is a veteran of the energy industry

Posted by Admin - January 9, 2013

Bish Mubarak is a veteran of the energy industry. This is no small feat, as the industry is not all that old to begin with. In recent times, the energy industry was dominated by local public utility companies that essentially operated monopolies within a given geographic area. Such is no longer the case in many areas, of course, with deregulation picking up steam. Bish Mubarak has been around as an energy industry executive ever since this process of deregulation first began. He has experienced success in the energy industry because of a business acumen and strong work ethic.

Bish Mubarak is a driver of innovation. He has a creative mind that is well suited to finding business solutions to problems in the energy industry. His mind for innovation has helped to make him a very successful entrepreneur in the energy industry. Bish Mubarak is firmly committed to providing better services to his clients at all possible times.

Bish Mubarak attended one of the most respected universities in Canada. He did not just attend, he graduated from the University of Western Ontario. This certainly helped to give him a leg up in the business world, but he also attributes his success to the values he holds most dear—commitment, integrity, and professionalism.